Friday, July 30, 2010

Crowd Sourcing the Presidential Motorcade @WashingtonPost

The Washington Post article was interesting and showed a side of the current admin that is continuing the volunteering/ crowdsourcing tradition.. As the president was in NYC the motorcade was looking for volunteer drivers and one of them blogged about the volunteer assignment. See blog post .Of course no sensitive info and also the assignment was to drive one of the vans in the motorcade.

I think this is a great way to preserve the culture of volunteerism , need more of this for schools and libraries. The reasons the pitch Fork blogger gave for the voluntary assignment were:

1) the president is doing Democratic fundraisers, which are political, so using enlisted military men or policemen to drive his people around would be ethically questionable because those dudes are apolitical by nature

2) it’s expensive to fly in drivers from DC, and there’s no real reason to

3) there is a culture of volunteerism within the Obama administration. like apparently when he does a rally in St. Louis there are like a hundred people doing what i do. they did an extensive background check on me to do this too.

Read the post article and the pitchfork article

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On Saturday night, an indie music blogger found himself partying on a Chinatown rooftop in Manhattan, gushing not about the new Arcade Fire album but about his admiration for President Obama. Turns out he was yammering within earshot of "some kid who said he worked for the Democratic National Committee."

Four days later, the blogger -- whom we can identify only as David -- was allegedly driving a van in the president's motorcade as it zigzagged across Manhattan.


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