Monday, July 19, 2010

Does Your Job Title Get the Job Done? @hbr

Must read article on the Harvard Business Review blog by Bill Taylor. Great quote from the article - "Would you rather be director of process improvement at a fast-growing software company, or, in the words of one job title of the future, Minster of Progress?"

I agree I would rather remain a Social Media Swami for Network Solutions :)

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Nobody does a better job than The Economist at skewering the excesses and absurdities of organizational life. In a recent issue, the magazine's Schumpeter columnist took aim at the rampant inflation of job titles in companies and governments around the world.

The winner, by a mile, was North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il, who, according to The Economist, has 1,200 official titles, "including roughly translated, guardian deity of the planet, ever-victorious general, and lodestar of the 21st century." Memo to President Obama: "Leader of the Free World" seems downright lame compared with "supreme commander at the forefront of the struggle against imperialism and the United States" — not to mention my personal favorite, "greatest man who ever lived."


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