Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Congrats 2010-2011 SMC-DC Leadership Team

The DC Social Media club announced the new office bearers for 2010-2011 . The DC chapter is also approved by Social Media Club Nationals as an open community chapter. Become a professional member today, and help SMCDC reach the status of “official chapter” which needs 10 members . Read more about official chapters here.

Advisory Board

President – Larissa Fair (@LYF108)

Oversees VPs; Liaison to SMC Nationals.

Vice President of Financing –  Andrea Baker (@Immunity)

Oversees Sponsorship, Partnership Committees

Vice President of Events – Sarah Wurrey (@SarahWurrey)

Oversees Events and Membership & Community Committees

Vice President of Digital History – Forrest Kobayashi (@ForrestKoba)

Oversees Marketing and Digital Content Committee

Vice President of Social Media Breakfast – Andi Narvaez (@AndiNarvaez)

Oversees Social Media Breakfast  Committee

SMC-EDU Liaisons – Andrea G.  Michinik (@AndreaGenevieve) and Yong C. Lee (@YongCLee)


Events DC

  • Committee Co-Chairs

    • Sara Willis (@swegl)

    • Rachael King (@livitluvit)

  • Team Members

    • Gabriel Key (@FoodforUs)

    • Shannon Sweeney (@DCDiners)

    • Alex Priest (@alexpriest)

    • Elizabeth Glomb (@eglomb)

    • Robert Eckhardt (@roberteckhardt)

Events NOVA/MD

  • Committee Co-Chairs

    • Maia Kotlus-Gates (@MaiaKG)

    • Joe Gizzi (@DistrictJoe)

  • Team Members

    • Nadia Dawson (@NadiaDawson)

    • Sarah Oyungu (@MizDiva)

    • Angenella Fleming (@NeoSoulAlterEgo)

    • Stephani Simmons (@StephDio)

Social Media Breakfast (SMBDC)

  • Committee Co-Chairs

    • Rachel Rule (@RachelRule)

    • James Walker (@jaywalk1)

  • Team Members

    • Mike Kohn (@mike_kohn)

    • Tory Patrick (@toryk)

    • Jorge Hurtado (@jorgehurtadof)

    • Jorgina (Jenny) Andrawis (@jennyandrawis)


  • Committee Co-Chairs

    • Priya Ramesh (@newpr)

    • Melissa Amor (@GTownMel)

  • Team Members

    • Heather Neisworth (@HeathGirl)

    • Susan Kuhn (@SweetSue)

Partnerships (including charitable outreach)

  • Committee Co-Chairs

    • Bob Fine (@BobFine)

    • Nicole Krug (@NicoleKrug)

  • Team Members

    • Shannon Mouton (@ShannonRenee)

    • Christine Johnson (@ChristineCelise)

    • Stacia Cosner (@TheStacia)

Membership and Community

  • Committee Co-Chairs

    • Beth McNamee (Content) (@BethMcNamee)

    • Kristen Variola (Community Manager) (@KVariola)

  • Team Members – Content

    • Maggie McGary (@MaggieLMcG)

    • Madia Logan (@Madia)

    • Richard Rawson (@RichardRawson)

  • Team Members – Community Manager

    • Tamara Rasberry (@MsRasberryInc)

    • Brian Citizen (@BrianCitizen)

    • Carlos Miro (@MiroComm)

Marketing and Digital Content

  • Committee Co-Chairs

    • Sarah Cannon (@RogueCannon)

    • Joe Higgs (@JPHiggs)

  • Team Members

    • Chris Abraham (@ChrisAbraham)

    • Mary Fletcher Jones (@FletcherPrince)

    • Carlyle Smith (@ClylesVibe)

    • Pheniece Jones (@hautepjones)

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Andrea R. Baker said...

Thank you Shashi for your continued support of our organization. We look forward to another successful year.

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