Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You miss a lot of things in life while you are texting : Baylor Health Care System

I had the privilege of having coffee with Robin Ferrier this morning. She is a new mom and had taken a few of her precious minutes to come and meet me(hubby was baby sitting)to talk about our strategy for the Millennial Blog that we are launching at Network Solutions .I have said this many times and try hard to follow this myself (my wife reminds me constantly too). A human being next to you IRL should get more preference than your virtual friends. So I am proud of myself for what I did not do today in the meeting with Robin :
a) Check into Facebook Places (2 min)
b) Check in to Foursquare (2 min)
c) Check in to Gowalla (2 min)
d) check twitter for mentions and DMs ( 3 min)
e) Check personal email ( 5 min)
f) Check work email ( 5 min)by a conservative estimate this would have taken 19 min out of our meeting for 30 minutes.

A few friends today admonished me referring to this post by my daughter @bellmit on the Kikscore blog

Immediately(and he was driving by the way….the rest of you don’t text and drive!…thank you) he sent out a tweet(it wasn’t spelled properly, but it was understandable) saying that Canal Road was blocked, then later he got a reply thanking him for the help.
Since Canal road was closed the car was stopped, still it's a good reminder of dangers of using electronic devices while multitasking. Kami Huyse sent me this educational video from Baylor Health which is spot on and got my attention.


Thank you @bellmit. You rock. What do you folks think?

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