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TBD’s launch imminent - Exciting new integrated news source for TV, social, local . Watch for it !

Next week may bring an exciting new news source in the DC areaI am proud to be part of the TBD community partner through my local food blog is a new local news source for the Washington DC area that will combine TV WJLA, NewsChennel 8 and cover local news and have a wide range of community partners ( head Honcho Robert Albritton , Mark and @ErikWemple #dcweek Blog and brunch mixer

Robert Allbritton (left) at a TBD social media event in DC a few weeks ago)

In a Washington Post article ( Robert Allbritton chief executive of Allbritton Communications gave a practical analogy for TBD. "Right now, [getting local news on the Web] is like trying to buy groceries in the old country. First you went to the fishmonger, then to the baker, then the grocer and so on. And it worked until someone said, 'Why don't we create a supermarket and put it all together in one place?' "

@lisatella and @shashib #dcweek Blog and brunch mixer
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See Laura McGann article amplified below and also see local take on the launch.

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I don’t know if it’s eavesdropping since I was invited, but this afternoon I listened in by phone on a preview of the much anticipated new local news project in Washington, D.C., TBD. They’re set to launch sometime next week that will integrate with a local television station, WJLA. In the past few months, parent company Allbritton Communications has hired about 50 people for the project’s editorial and sales teams. They joined another 50 people working on the project but already employed at existing Allbritton properties Politico and News Channel 8.
We’ve known the newsroom will pump out content for the web and television, but despite blogging much of its development some of the details of the project have been pretty hazy. Today I got a better sense of what TBD is going to look like and what it’s going to cover — look for lots of news-you-can-use, like weather and traffic, on multiple platforms. Editor Erik Wemple, formerly of the Washington City Paper, explained that a handful of reporters will work geographic beats, starting with densely-populated neighborhoods, while the rest will cover beats like the D.C. mayor’s race, plus sports and breaking news (thunderstorms!). There’ll also be a special emphasis on arts and entertainment.
1. Symbiotic ad sales
2. Coverage and revenue sharing
3. Mobile from the get go
4. Social media on the brain
5. Interactive strategy
6. TBD

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