Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GrowSmartBiz conference Nov 5th Washington DC : Special Promotion

I am excited as in a few days a lot of business owners and experts will assemble at the GrowSmartBiz conference in Washington DC. Details at http://www2.bizjournals.com/washington/events/2010/growsmartbiz/ .

If you use the promo code NVHX8466 and register at http://www2.bizjournals.com/washington/event/27781 you will get a special $10 off.

See agenda here : http://growsmartbusiness.com/growsmartbiz-conference-agenda/

and details about the speakers : http://growsmartbusiness.com/growsmartbiz-conference-speakers/

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If you a e interested in being a volunteer or want to live stream the event please let me know. Hope to see you there


Amplify’d from www2.bizjournals.com
The Washington Business Journal and Network Solutions
are proud to host the 2nd annual GrowSmartBiz Conference and Trade Show.
arious industries
throughout the region. Leaders in small business will
share their knowledge and experience on today's most relevant topics,
and more 50 exhibition booths will be available to visit throughout the

Four Tracks of Business Smarts
MBA for a Day with these four courses of study:

Track 1: Marketing & Innovation

  • Social
    Media-New Marketing
  • Stories, Content & Search
  • Reinvigorating Small Business
  • Personality & Your
Track 2: Small Business, Government and Nonprofits
  • Securing Financing
    for Small Business Leaders
  • How Small Business Can Benefit from
    Government Stimulus Resources
  • How to Market Your Nonprofit on a
  • How to Tell Your Small Business Story
Track 3: Technology
as a Tool for Your Business
  • How to Attract and Keep Customers
  • Collaboration and
  • Mobility and How to Profitably Sell
  • Six Rules for Tech Success
Track 4: Entrepreneur
  • Starting a Business 101
  • Financing Strategies
    for Small Business
  • Smart Hiring Practices/Leading and
    Motivating Employees
  • Ten Rules for Business Cards
  • Public Speaking 2.0
Read more at www2.bizjournals.com

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