Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mobile Users Prefer Browsers over Apps @emarketer

I have often looked at mobile optimized site and chosen to see the full version of the website instead. Most of the time it is because it is easier to share the full version to your social channels. This article in the @emarketer is interesting on how users reacted. I hope you are subscribed to the Emarketer newsletter

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For a variety of functions, users would rather browse



Although about a third of US mobile phone subscribers used a downloaded application in August, according to comScore, and app downloads have shown impressive growth, many mobile device users appear to think browsers offer the better user experience.

Mobile users polled by Keynote Systems for Adobe reported a preference for mobile browsers to access virtually all mobile content. Games, music and social media were the only categories in which users would rather use a downloaded app than browse the mobile web.


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