Saturday, November 20, 2010

By bye Tabla : The national food of New York is Italian and steak.

I always wonder why there are no well known Indian food chains and that among Indian restaurants there seems to be a steady turnover of names, chefs and styles.

I feel a bit sad that Tabla is closing down in New York. I did not get a chance to eat there. Danny Meyer and Floyd Cardoz dd a great job I think bringing Indian food mainstream and making it sexy . In a few years the next best thing Indian will emerge and i am hoping it will be a chain of Fast food restaurants serving idlies with different curries which is healthy .

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As the market for Indian cuisine expands in the US, restaurateurs face a dilemma: To stay traditional or try fusion?

What the bleep is curry?” asks an exasperated Maneet Chauhan. The India-born executive chef of Vermilion, a chic restaurant offering Indian-Latin American fusion cuisine in New York and Chicago, is referring to the frequent requests she still gets for “the recipe for curry”.

That, on a platter, sums up the challenge for Indian restaurants in the US — marketing a cuisine that is still struggling to define itself and find its place in a half-trillion dollar restaurant industry.

On December 30, an era will end for Indian cuisine in the US, as Tabla, a pioneering venture by Union Square Hospitality Group CEO Danny Meyer, and a beloved fixture on the New York dining scene for over a decade, closes its doors. (see box below) But the last quarter of the year is also proving eventful in a positive way — new restaurants are opening, offering choices ranging from the fairly to the barely Indian.


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