Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swami's weekly Book list : Content Rules , Open Source & other interesting Books

  1. From the Economist Book review : The Comingled Code : Open Source and Economic Development By Josh Lerner and Mark Schankerman.
  2. At least theoretically, open source could also resolve the main dilemma that bedevils innovation policy. On the one hand, most inventors need incentives to keep inventing. On the other, the social value of an invention is maximised if anyone—not just those willing to pay for it—can use it. Open source seems to satisfy both conditions. Developers contribute voluntarily, and share code freely. 
  3. What I am reading now - content rulesIf  you were holding out about creating content then Content Rules is for you .You probably heard the term "Content Rules" a lot and you probably thought it applied to the other guy and not to you. This book will explain to you how this applies to you. Do you have passion and a open mind? Are you a photographer? How does this apply to B2B ? Guidelines and tips - Ann Handley (@marketingprofs) who I have been a fan off for several years (even before the term social media was coined)yet never met in real life and C.C.Chapman who I met first on the internet and then in real life, who is such a nice guy that you wish him more unlimited knowledge as you know he will share it with everyone. Did you read this  book? 
  4. Resonate by Nancy Duarte was reviewed by Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson in their For immediate release podcast  I would highly recommend adding For Immediate Release to your reading list.
  5. Jay Baer  and Amber Naslund I am sure are looking forward to the Feb 1 release of their book The Now Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter, and More Social
Are you writing a book? Do you like this series, please let me know with a comment. brickbats and bouquets welcome.

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