Smithsonian Television Channel : Pleasure to Watch and Learn

One of my favorite institutions in the US is the Smithsonian. I have been a subscriber/member for over 14 years and love going to the museums on the National Mall in Washington DC.
I recently discovered the Smithsonian HD Channel on TV Channel 565 on DirecTV. I love this channel and would highly recommend it.

The programs I specially love:

  •  Mighty Ships: Loved the episode where they show Stena Britannica the super ferry ship  between Hoek in Holland and Harwich in England. The episode on the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise was thrilling to watch.
  • Aerial America : saw a great episode on New Mexico with mention of UFOs.
  • America Wild and Whacky
Other ways to watch this channel:
  1. iTunes
  2. IPhone App
See where you can find the Smithsonian Channel on TV


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