Monday, April 23, 2012

Marketing Confessional: Is Marketing a Dark Art? Lessons from Mad Men that don't involve Martinis

Last week was awesome and being the eternal optimist I will probably say this every Monday morning. BTW every Monday morning and probably as you are reading this I am doing my Monday morning " Marketing Confessional" with Bob London at the Panera In Fallsgrove, Rockville. See the Marketing Confessional video starring me and talking about the dark art of marketing.

Last week another highlight was the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit In the picture below is a panel moderated by my friend Geoff Livingston.I was in  a panel on the "Changing Media Landscape" and the details on the panel are on the Network Solutions Blog

. IMG_5405 Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit 2012 #mamsummit.jpg
I wrote a post for on 5 Small Business Lessons From Mad Men, check it out and let me know what you think. HAve a great week ahead.

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Unknown said...

Great video! It's so pretty! I add your blog feed to my Google reader list...
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