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Thoughts of the First 7 Days at the Bozzuto Group

I began a new journey this Monday (March 17, 2013) in a new job as the VP, Digital Marketing of The Bozzuto Group. These seven days have been fascinating. Here are some of my observations from the first week. Please note these are my personal views and not the views of the company or its executives.

People : Three words to describe my first week are Happy, Human and Humor and the people I met had a lot to do with this feeling. Even though the work is fast paced, people have been going out of their way to make the new employees feel welcome. In meetings there is also a culture of giving others credit and praise.

 There are several initiatives for veterans at the Bozzuto Group, including military discounts for buying Bozzuto Homes and an effort to employ those who have served our country and their spouses. Tom Bozzuto the Chairman & CEO of The Bozzuto Group is a Vietnam veteran, as is  John Slidell, partner and co-founder. In the office we have a Gratitude wall with pictures of family members of employees who serve the country in the armed forces.

Philosophy : Starting from the CEO Tom Bozzuto,  the focus of everyone in the company seems to be on making the 'Customer/Guest" experience better. I feel like I am back in the Hotel/Hospitality business. The Bozzuto Group aspires to measure up to the best-known companies in customer service. How can we provide the best experience to the people who stay in the apartments or buy a home from us? The company has projects and managed apartments spread across the Mid-Atlantic region, very consciously within easy reach of Bozzuto headquarters.

During orientation, which was a great experience, all the new employees were given a chance to create ideas around the four core values.
  • CONCERN for the communities we touch. 
  • CREATIVITY in everything we do. 
  • PASSION in our approach to business. 
  • PERFECTION as a goal worth pursuing. 

Being a Green Company: The Bozzuto Group is very focused on the sustainable use of Earth’s resources. I was fascinated to learn - even before I joined - of some of the company’s accomplishments and projects:
  • Bozzuto Headquarters powered on 100% wind energy 
  • Built Maryland's first public electric charging stations in a residential community 
  • Company-wide partnership with car-sharing services 

As you can see, there is so much of information to absorb and I hope my enthusiasm is coming through. Stay tuned for more updates.


Unknown said…
Sashi, they are lucky to have you. Keep on sharing your passion!
Shashi B said…
Thanks Aneta
Jonathan Saar said…
Great news! You are officially in the multifamily industry!!
Shashi B said…

I think it was the dinner we had in Dallas years ago that did it.


Sofia Valle said…

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