Sunday, March 31, 2013

Learning From My Colleagues - Including Ultimate Frisbee - Week Two

It has been two weeks have since the start of my new job as VP, Digital Marketing at The Bozzuto Group and I can't believe how time flies. I met this enterprising young man John Moffitt who took the time to educate me on Ultimate Frisbee. Along with working at The Bozzuto Group, John is also going to college. many of my colleagues are doing this - working and also making sure they educate themselves. I love the energy and positivity that my colleagues bring to work and I am enjoying being part of the team.

Starting at the Bozzuto Group I could get familiar my work, interacting with colleagues and the company pretty quickly. Not as tough as starting at a Indo-Russian joint venture restaurant in Moscow in the early 90's. See the picture below that was in the Moscow Magazine

Shashi Bellamkonda Featured in the Moscow Magazine.

Back to the present day. The IT team at The Bozzuto Group has been fantastic, my colleagues in the marketing department have so much positive energy and I am hoping that can transfer to me as well. I have a nice place to work and is a vantage point and a lot of interaction with folks passing by which I love. I will need some advice from you all on my wardrobe which has been depleted since I left the hotel business several years ago. I need advice on trends and "what not to wear" lol ;)

. Ramon Ray would have proud of me ;)

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