The 25th Anniversary is a Great Time to Start at the Bozzuto Group

On April 4th The Bozzuto Group (I am proud to let you know I work there as VP, Digital Marketing) celebrated it's 25th Anniversary. The story the founders of the company and other employees narrate in  a video is very interesting. I would recommend a visit to Boozuto25,com to check out the video and the timeline of the past 25 years.

The celebration was held in downtown Baltimore at the American Visionary Art Museum. I love my infrequent visits to Baltimore. This museum was really fantastic. I took the time to see some of the exhibits of the American Museum of Visionary Arts and want to go there again with my son. included in the celebrations was a superb  Bozzuto museum with a collection of some great memorable pieces collected from over the years.

As I settle in my new job and share my excitement of learning a lot about the real estate world, the community of my friends has been very supportive and encouraging. Mark Alves posted this awesome update a few days and many of you have sent inspiring messages and updates.

Thank to all those who shared and congratulated The Bozzuto Group on the 25th Anniversary.


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