Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Commute Has Gone North with My New Job

As I enter the 4th week of my new job at The Bozzuto Group I wanted to share my commute experience. For the first time my commute is in a northern direction from the Rockville/Gaithersburg area on I495.  This also means I am entirely in the State of Maryland and there is no crossing the American Legion bridge. Best of all it's a shorter commute.

5 things to learn on a new commute :
  1. Gas stations : Looking for the cheapest gas, I think Greenbelt has cheaper rates than Rockville/Gaithersburg but since the Bozzuto offices are right near the interstate exit going for gas is a detour.
  2. Banks : No change here as Capital One banks are everywhere
  3. Alternate routes and traffic backups : As you spend a lot of time on a particular commuter route you get used to which lane is the best. I do not like changing lanes much so I choose one lane and stick to it. In this new route , I have not chosen a route yet that I can stick to from end to end. The Metro is not a viable option since the Washing ton DC Metro does not have a circular line so there is nor interchange between the green line and red line other than going to downtown DC. The ICC is more than 8 miles added to my commute and also  $4 more expensive.
  4. Restaurants : There are a lot more to discover and I have been to the TGIF, Chefs Scret, Osaka and of course also took a colleague for lunch to the IKEA restaurant. I am looking forward to try the restaurants around the Bozzuto Apartment Community The Palette Apartments not far from Greenbelt in Hyattsville specially the BusBoys and Poets.Of course restaurants in downtown DC are only 10 miles away
  5. Beer Run : I want to try the http://fenwickbeerandwine.com/ which was voted one of the best places to buy beer in the DC area. I will however miss my detours to Total Beer and Wine in McLean and the nearest Total warehouse to Greenbelt is in Laurel again about 10 miles in the wrong direction.
On the whole my office in Greenbelt is kind of centrally located  Close  to DC, Baltimore, Montgomery  County and not too far from Arlington.

I am sure there is a lot to discover on this new commute route. Do you have any suggestions?

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