Thursday, May 09, 2013

Coming to our neighborhood Chris Brogan's ImpactNEXT Tuesday, May 21st, The McKinley Theater

Out of the club

I have had the honor of knowing Chris Brogan, CEO&President of Human Business Works for a few years.In many ways Chris Brogan pioneered the art of human connections through offline and online relationships. He co-Founded the Podcamp movement where I spoke for the first time in public in the US.
I am excited that he is bringing his ImpactNEXT conference to Washington DC with 3 hour  sessions on these two important topics..

  •  Mastering the Digital Channel and 
  •  Creating Content that matters
There are several reasons to attend ImpactNEXT and one of them being the ability to learn by example. Chris Brogan has succeed in making an Impact. Chris Brogan's company Human Works helps companies develop a vision plan for growth Chris Brogan has authored several books ( rumor has it that both Chris and Julien decided that I was a good example of a Trust Agent when they met me at SOBcon) and has been part of the online and digital community for a long time helping others grow.I look forward to being there.
Check out the ImpactNEXT DC event page, it is different. Hope to see you there.
I recently attended SOBCon 2013 in Chicago where I had the opportunity to hear Chris Brogan speak. We were all inspired by the talk and here are some reactions from other attendees.

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