Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Gift of Education: A Salute to People Pursuing Continuous Studies

Great to meet students in my #xcpd732 class. Nice discussions

Yesterday I rejoiced for a colleague at Bozzuto who was graduating from a continuous education course. While you go through life- school and then college you almost say to yourself "never again" and plan on not studying again. The world changes fast, knowledge and learning can get redundant soon, as my tell my students who attend my New Media Plaforms and Techniques Class at Georgetown University  that the world moves at such a fast pace that I will not be surprised if some of what they learnt in my 3 hour class may become redundant with a new release of a disruptive software. 

I recently returned from speaking at the International Conference of Deans and Directors in Warsaw, Poland. people representing many Universities and institutions that  cater to professionals who want to pursue higher education were present at the conference.

My take away is that if an opportunity to learn presents itself, whether it is an MBA or a course at the local community college you should pursue it. Check with your benefits administrator, as most companies reimburse you an amount that you spend towards higher education. Gift yourself a higher education. I did and find that very useful.

Tomorrow I will be teaching a great group of students at Georgetown's School of Continuing Studies

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