Sunday, December 22, 2013

Startup Comedy - Amazon Studios Betas Review - Funny and Entertaining

Comedies with nerds, geeks, techies are among the top comedy entertainment shows these days. I loved Big Bang Theory and it was with that expectation that I binge watched the new series by Amazon Studios "Betas" that launched in November. 

It's very entertaining and hardly a boring moment. Having been part of the start-up and tech scene for a few years, it was nice to see a few realities mixed into the show. I loved it when they mentioned "Social Fresh" conference and they mention social apps like ( I think Highlight is more appropriate or I may have misheard).  A few of the characters seem so real life even though the roles they play in the story is definitely not true in real life.I love the way Maya Erskine helps breakup a party gone wild and using her connections to get BRB's CEO into a party ( SXSW came to mind) . I like the tole  Margo Harshman's plays as  a mentor/publicist in an incubator helping start-ups. How she makes a career choice to move to Seattle to run a team. The journalist role at Valley Smash is definitely exaggerated. As I watched the series I tried very hard to remember that this is a work of fiction  and I should not try to connect any of the characters to real life,

I did not like the abundant use of curse words and R- rated scenes related to nudity. I am not sure I have seen start up folks cuss so much in real life. I would have been more comfortable if I was able to watch Betas having kids around while watching the series. I was disappointed with depictions of drugs which I hope will change as the series progresses.

Definitely recommend watching. Special shout out to Karan Soni, Maya Erskine  and Jon Daly as Hobbes. Great acting guys!

BTW BRB exists in real life even though I doubt the creators of Betas knew this. Check out Social Radar. it's much more useful and possibly a future business networking tool.

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