Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Twitter is Great for a Common Cause - School Closings !

It used to be difficult to see if school was closed. A few years ago I subscribed to  a private service called Schools Out  which sent alerts when schools closed. I would then email friends and colleagues early in the morning to let them know that schools closed as well. Most local school districts in the area now have alerts that will email and text you about closings and emergencies. For Montgomery County Schools you can sign up on the MCPS website's emergency information page or follow @MCPS on Twitter.

Conversation on Twitter and Instagram surprised me as students schools and colleges in the area took to Twitter to talk about school closings. Here are  a few examples, very creative!:

One day maybe this will happen-
How do the school systems make a decision?
“Our Preference is Always to Have School”

Also see the Fox5 video clip on the same topic

Be careful to double check both Twitter and the websites because pranskters can create fake ids to give misinformation.

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