Monday, January 20, 2014

BItly's Interesting Experiments with and Real-Time Media Map

I love and have been using it for a long time. has a lot of data scientists who help with innovation including my friend Hilary Mason who was with Bitly as a data scientist.

I was thrilled to discover two tools in the Bitly portfolio that seemed cool, useful and help us go through the overload of content that comes our way everyday.

1. lets you see what are the most popular links that are being shared. You can search for keywords, topics, networks, location, domain and language. With such a lot of information flowing across the internet it helps to see what is popular in real-time. I use it to search for real time news and links being shared on the keywords Apartments or topic real estate or both

2. Bitly Real-Time Media Map : You can see which newspaper, Radio/TV, magazines and Online only media is popular by location and article. See which articles in the Economist are popular and find the states they are popular in.

Check both these tools, you may end up using both as your readers and for curating content.

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