Friday, November 23, 2007

Added activity while driving

The term of the future is "hyperconnectivity' Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google has said that the first thing he does on the morning is check email.

I am tempted to check my mail the first thing on many days but its not to see if my millions have become billions, I am usually looking for new Twitter emails. Going back to the topi cof Hyperconnectivtiy I am connected everywhere I go to the Internet due to my T-Mobile Dash.

The only exception is while driving. I am averse to testing while driving. I do enjoy the convenience of Jott With Jott I can call Jott and speak my thoughts and Jott transcribes my voice (yes even my 'Southern" accent) and makes a text post on my Blog or on Twitter. IT has a great voice acitvated menu so you dont have to search for the "1" or "2" button on your phone to choose from the menu. Jott can also send emails to people on your Jott addressbook - A great feature for people like me who commute for 45min to 1 hr kne way each day.

Another cool program that lets you Blog while you drive is Utterz . You can call utterz and have it post to your blogs. Comments can be in the form of soundbytes fro your listeners and they can call in and listen to your utterz and respond.

I hope Utterz starts a voice activated menu so I can use them safely while driving and I am looking forward to the option of transciption. If I post to a blog or to Twitter I want them to see the messgae right there instead of another URL.

As I drove to New jersey from Maryland I used Jott to post to Twitter. As I reported the exit I passed Whitney of even said I was close enough to join them for dessert. The real utility will be for other Twitter followers to see wherenthe slowdown is on the NJ Turnpike or if a reststop is out of food :).

Hyoerconnectivity is the way if the future. Whether we like it or not we will be communicating more with our kids using the internet even if they are at home on another floor .

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