Saturday, November 24, 2007

Small Business Survival Blog

I am visiting a cousin who is a small business in the NJ/NY area. Every year when we meet up we exchange tech thoughts and I give him tips on how to concentrate on running his business and get technology to work for him.

His questions this time were:

a) How to get automatic backup between his home computer and his home computer.
b) What anti virus software to use?
c) How to prevent BHO's from hijacking his browser?
d) How to migrate the dos program that his business has been using last 10 years.

I spent a few hours giving him some answers. I was happy to answer his questions because helping am ll business succeed is what I do at work.

I have been reading the Small business Survival Blog of Becky McCray . her Blog helps answer questions for Small businesses in rural areas and small towns get help. This is a great blog. It is a must read for small business. Becky McCray also has a Friday Brag Basket where anyone can post their brag or introduce themselves and gain help from her and her readers.

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