Saturday, May 03, 2008

SOBCON08 - Chris Garett - More Bang From your Blog

Manage a better Blogger Workflow

SOBCON08 - Chris Garett






More Bang from your Blog






Create-Communicate - Promote - Learn (Loop)

Getting popular on the internet is a great thing. Take what you do send it out and listen to the answers back. Learn from what you do.

People will give you feedback if you are willing to listen to it. Even if they say "You Suck" think about what prompted them to say that.

Brainstorm Content Ideas:
Engage your visitors and make them come back. Content will make this happen. Don't worry about repeating yourself. it is sometimes necessary to get the thoughts out there.

MindMaps (Manage the Editorial)Mind Map






Start with your main topic

Extend those ideas

( Uses software called mind manager)

Business Processes

Source Bits
Put bits together
Deliver Stuff
Happy Customer

Editorial Calendar






Important to organize your tasks and keep it clear on whose job is what and when it should e done. Not important to blog 5 times a day.







Business Blogging Tuesday and Thursday are the Best

List of topics and plan when it is going to happen.

Invent Ideas wherever you are

BeckyMcCray: Come up with ideas in the flow where ever you are. Never lose an idea. Write them down. #SOBCon08 Chris Garrett

Break Out your creativity

Blogger Efficiency

Plan for panic posts that you have drafted but not posted

Get someone to help with grammar and make it better

5 Minute Blog Post

Start with the end point "point of this post is .." then work on the headline

Punchy Blog Post

images, say what you mean, don't try too hard to be perfect


Taming the feedbeast

Reduce and limit the feeds you read

Easier Blog Content

Talk to your rubber duck - send an email to a friend and not send it and achieve moving your thoughts to look outside

Focus your time

determine how many hrs you will use for blogging

What kind of blogger are youimage


Don't try to be perfect be your best


SKitch (Mac only), blogbridge, skype , firefox hacks

Live twittering from @tojosan Todd Jordan

Better to relax, do the best you can do, and go forward.

Chris Garret - "Would I talk to my mother like this?"

don't be afraid to revisit your older idea for blog posts

Chris Garret - "It doesn't have to change the your best, and your put yourself out there."

Chris Garret - "It doesn't have to change the your best, and your put yourself out there

@ChrisCree: Not every post has to be book length. That's something I should take to heart.

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