Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Coming to DC for the inauguration, its only 82 days away! :)

Guest post by Caroline Allison -

If you're planning on coming to DC for the inauguration, its only 82 days away! :)
My hometown - Washington DC - is expecting 1.5 million people for this big historical event! Its going to be a blast!
Apparently, all the hotels (90,000 rooms) are sold out. Can you believe it?
If you would still like to come to DC and are looking for a place OR would like to rent out your DC pad - you should consider checking out Viscape at Viscape is a great way to make a short term housing connection through trust-based social networks!
Viscape is totally FREE, and lets your friends in your network know that your house is available for inauguration weekend. Way cool!
So now you may be thinking - "OK Caroline, this is way too much of a marketing message." BUT I'm only doing this because it would be so great to see all of you and enjoy this great historical event with friends! So, I hope to see you all real soon!
Meanwhile, I'd just like to share the "My Sweet Viscape" blog post from today -

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