Friday, November 21, 2008

Domain Names from Network Solutions and Bagels

It's all about bagels

I am sitting in my cube and eating a Bagel and then it strikes me- someone at Network Solutions loves bagels a lot.  I am looking at the  free keyword alert page which is for anyone who wants to track expiring domains and there is a bagel on the page.

Believe me the keyword alerts is a useful service that I personally use to keep track of all domain names that are expiring with the words "shashi" in them. You should use it for keywords that have to with your name or your business and then if a domain name becomes available you just buy it.  Of course this Keyword alert service is free but the Bagels ? You have to buy them on your own. If you are addicted to RSS feeds the here is another way to get information about expired domains an RSS feed . 


Now continuing with my bagel story , I used to be the product manager for Network Solutions Email long before I became a Social Media Swami at Network Solutions. What do you see on the Network Solutions page where you can buy Network Solutions email ? Bagels -example of a personalized email address -


I thought I was done here. Then I remembered we have a new site search button and using that I came up with more from the "Bagel person". The page that sells our Performance clicks also has bagels. This is where you buy the online marketing package of Network Solutions.



And as I am writing this post my colleague Jason Hunter ( Blogger at come to my cube and says " Who doesn't like bagels or bagel businesses?" How often do people really get a really good bagel ? Ok. There is my answer I found another bagel fan and there must be more of them at Network Solutions

Ok I Better go home and eat some Bagels too. Do you have any examples like this? Should I suggest other food products for examples? By the way stand by for a Black Friday Sale on the Network Solutions home page next Friday.

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