Wednesday, February 11, 2009

American Express Rocks - Exceeding my expectations

On a Sunday evening when the weekend is winding down, I like nothing better to watch a movie with the family. Alas my Sony DVD Recorder  RDR-VX555 decides to stop working. I am not sure when I purchased it and so I call Sony and they go thorough some steps to troubleshoot. I am glad that SOny even has phone support. The troubleshooting does not work and the SONY support rep tells me I have two alternatives:

- Send the set back to Sony for evaluation and pay UPS ground shipping

- Take it back to Best Buy if it is under warranty.

I haul my sorry axx grudgingly to Best Buy. Service is with a smile and politeness but I am out of luck. I am 30 days out of warranty. From my days in India Sony in my mind was a brand that made things that lasted till the technology changed. I was disappointed that this Sony device did not stand upto the brand promise. Remember I am in the market for a TV and may decide to forgo Sony.

How American Express stood behind its promise

I remember reading a direct mail piece where American express promised to extend the warranty on any thing I purchased on my card. I decided it was worth a call. I called right from best Buy. American Express Rep was very excellent as they always are. They took my info and said I would be notified in 2 weeks.

Come Monday morning , I see an email "We are pleased to inform you that payment has been approved for your Extended Warranty program claim" . How cool is that. I am overjoyed and call my wife and tell her the good news. On my way home I tell this to the audience who listen to me on Utterli. I tell the people who I meet at the tweetup. Sony is mentioned with regret and American Express is mentioned with happiness and glowing pleasure. They kepy up to the promise and also made the process seamless.

American Express you rock. Sony I am disappointed, Instead of a years guarantee you should probably say "lasts for 12 months only". On second thoughts I should have done more research online and was sure to see that peolle had problems with this product but Sony continued to sell it. Yuck !

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