Monday, January 17, 2011

Experian Warns Smartphone Users to Smarten Up

This is from across the pond and I would say you should start precautions and have a locked phone with a password.

Thier research found :

Nearly two thirds (65%) of smartphone users send and store e-mails on their phones - even if these include sensitive information such as receipts and credit card details from shopping online.

More than half (53%) of smartphone users access social networking sites from their phones. This could easily reveal key pieces of information like names, dates of birth and other details commonly used as passwords for online banking and other accounts, such as first school or place of birth.

Nearly one third (29%) of smartphone users take advantage of public Wi-Fi hotspots (often found in city centres, used whilst having a break from the shops) which are unsecure and highly vulnerable to electronic eavesdroppers.

Of these, one in five (19%) say they conduct online banking while using public WiFi, risking their accounts, PINs and passwords."

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Radical Selfie said...

Thanks so much for posting this info! I'll be sharing via Twitter! Kind of scary!

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