Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Visionary & Drones

It's tough being a visionary. Ridicule,  discouragement and barriers of lack of understanding make it difficult to keep to your vision. 
Successful entrepreneurs have had the courage of conviction to execute their plan and vision.
In a CBS 60 minute segment on Sunday, Amazon's Jeff Bezos talked about octocopters that can achieve a " Half hour delivery/and we can carry objects, we think, up to five pounds, which covers 86 percent of the items that we deliver." 
A very exciting idea and probably a few years away. Whether the idea is successful or not I am impressed with the fact that in :Amazon’s secret Lab 126 in California, designers and engineers are experimenting on next generation devices and what a great time to make this buzz worthy announcement.

What are the lessons for small business and entrepreneurs?

a) Always keep aside time for research and new ideas for your products.
b) Disruptions from other industries may change the way you do business. Embrace it and don't ignore it. Like how the internet disrupted our lives.
c) Don't ridicule new ideas,  think about how you may have to change if the ideas take off. Uber, AirBnB are examples.
Ready to build a Octocopter landing pad in your business?  Should the local library have this service?  How about Meals on Wheels for folks who cannot provide for themselves?
Since Jeff Bezos now owns the Washington Post, will Miguel my newspaper delivery person be replaced by a Octocopter? If that happens who do I send the holiday tip check to?
How do you deal with visionaries and long term vision?


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