Thursday, May 29, 2008

TechCocktail - Chicago :How to Grow a Community for a Traditional Business Gary Vaynerchuk

The Social media Swami meets the Wine Blogger

Watch the stream live here ( Dave Armano)

At TechCocktail the audience got a break to get ready for him. he followed Dick Costello who gave a amazing presentation. Dick is the founder of feedburner and now after Google acquired feedburner works for Google. btw Eric Olson of Tech Cocktail worked for Feedburner.

His talk started with a clip from a Nightline story on Gary.

Gems from his speech:

Be true to yourself

To build community you should become a RAT ( Real. Authentic and transparent)

Everything you do is being recorded. Game is over. You cannot hide anything.

You have to be completely real otherwise your business will be hurt

It is easy for small people to hurt big businesses

Being 150 thousand percent passionate about your products before you think of building community

People like a face behind a company ( I wouldn't work here if I didn't believe in the company)

In the next 3 to 4 years the world is going to be full of live streaming video. Even if no one is watching it it is live for ever

Most powerful word - patience

Don't think about how many readers or the audience the tool has - participate first

National anthem of a 18 innings baseball game

RSS may not be understood by majority and we are just starting.

I stopped by business and started live video blogging with zero viewers

I went to every blogger irrespective of what they were on Alexa etc

Work hard and work everyday understanding your goal

Take every opportunity to interact with people - you don't know who will become what in a few years

be everybody's friend

IT takes effort and time and tools are launching everyday

I have done a lot for Even when I knew had much bigger community I used viddler much against my better business judgement

If you own or are starting a company you should start thinking of yourself as a community manager than a CEO

Biggest reason for success for companies in America is Word Of Mouth

I am represented by the biggest talent agents in Hollywood

I spent a lot of time commenting and adding value to the conversation on blogs where they talk about wine

I spent the time when my business was losing money but i did it because I believed it and it gave me results.

I talk to people even if they have only 4 readers.

You have to give a lot more than you expect in return

Community is difficult to track. Big companies should embrace it

Use innovative messages like " this message is 87% correct"

These are our lawyers show their pictures

Content is king but marketing is queen

You should watch one of the episodes of to understand how passionate Gary is. Between the time I met him first at the New New Internet conference in Reston Virginia last July and today he is a bigger star. He has been featured on a lot of national TV shows and his wine recommendations are followed by thousands of people.

What I like about him is that he never seems to forget people he meets. he is famous for holding impromptu parties ( See Brian Solis post). This is what Chris Brogan thinks of Gary Greg Cangialosi mentions him in his interview for

Well there is a example here of how a business can bloom with personality. Rohit Bhargava 's book Personality not Included says just that.

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